shoho teramoto

Born in 1977 in Fukuoka, Japan. I began studying traditional Japanese Calligraphy at the age of 6. My first teacher was my mother who was a master of Japanese traditional Calligraphy and had many pupils. And I had continued studying it from other masters. Then, in 1995, I entered Fukuoka University of Education and then the master course. My major was Japanese Calligraphy. I studied a lot of skills and the spirit of calligraphy. In particular,  I was great at the style of “Ryo-kan” who was a famous monk of Zen.

 After completing the master course, I’d taught Japanese Calligraphy for 11 years at some high schools and culture centres. And I also had produced the group exhibition every year with a hundred of Japanese pupils. At same time I received many awards. My works were used in books, posters, and were housed in schools and Mori-tei (one of shougun’s house) and so on. I am a member of society for the fine arts in Fukuoka and now a jury at the society. Recently, I developed my work which was mixed with modern arts. And in 2009, I won the prize in Tokyo (Tokyo wonder wall 2009).